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AS20B / AS17B action automatic scrubber

AS20B / AS17B

Controls are
Clearly Marked

Large Tank

Easy Access To
The Action 20" and 17" scrubbers compact design makes them easy to maneuver around tight corners, and down narrow aisles. Hard surface floors are cleaned fast, efficiently and thoroughly. They are excellent for use in schools, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.

  • Tanks and Main Frame
    Rotationally molded polyethylene solution/recovery tank and metal main frame construction

  • Sleek Design
    Reduces the scrubbers profile improving operators sightline.

  • Curved Squeegee Assembly
    Directs solution towards the center for more effective cleaning, leaving the floor clean and dry.

  • Filter
    Protects vacuum motor from damage.

  • Control Panel
    Clearly illustrated and at the operators fingertips for ease of operation.

  • Additional Features Include: built-in brush delay; parking brake; forward and back speed setting; mechanical brush head lift.

Specifications AS20B AS17B
Order No. 201919 487694
Cleaning Path 20" 17"
Squeegee Width 31.5" 26"
Rotary Brush One - 20" One - 17"
Brush Speed 145 RPM 145 RPM
Brush Pressure 80 Lbs 80 Lbs
Solution Capacity 11.5 Gallons 11.5 Gallons
Recovery Capacity 13 Gallons 13 Gallons
Vacuum Motor 2 Stage, 1/2 hp 2 Stage, 1/2 hp
Brush Motor 3/4 hp 3/4 hp
Max. Cleaning Rate 25,000 Sq Ft Per Hr 18,000 Sq Ft Per Hr
Drive Brush Propelled Brush Propelled