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twinmaster® dual motor upright vacuums

Upright Vacuums

Equipped with a dual motor system, these uprights are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of daily commercial cleaning. One motor is for the vacuum and another motor drives the agitator brush to loosen and release embedded dirt from carpets right up to the baseboard on the right side.

  • Triple Filtration System
    Includes totally enclosed multi-ply disposable paper filter bag, motor inlet filter and exhaust filter.

  • Top Fill Collection System
    Allows the disposable paper filter bag to reach maximum fill capacity without losing cleaning efficiency.

  • Cog Belt Drive Design
    Long life belt mounted off center and shielded for a clear cleaning path.

  • Brush Strip
    It is easy to remove and replace.

  • Thermal Overload
    Protects the motors from overheating and clean fan system eliminates the possibility of motor fan breakage.

  • Low Profile & Offset Nozzle
    Reaches under and around furniture and in other hard to clean areas.

  • Height Adjustment
    Equipped with four position carpet height adjustment and full bag warning indicator.

  • Above-Floor Cleaning
    The brush motor automatically disengages providing the flexibility required for above-floor cleaning.

  • On-Board Cleaning Tools
    Built-in stretch hose, wand and tools to clean in hard to reach areas efficiently and effectively.

  • Optional
    Reusable Cloth Filter Bag (398616)

Specifications TM-1495N TM-1895
Order No. 408980 354643
Vacuum Motor 1.2 HP, 120V 1.2 HP, 120V
CFM 92 92
Waterlift 70" 70"
Current 7.5 AMPS 7.5 AMPS
Brush Motor 1/5 HP 1/4 HP
Current 1.3 AMPS 1.3 AMPS
Brush Speed 4,325 RPM 5,000 RPM
Cleaning Path 14" 18"
Brush Strips Replaceable Spiral Replaceable Spiral
Drive System Long Life Cog Belt Long Life Cog Belt
Power Cord 40 Ft, 3 Wire Grounded40 Ft, 3 Wire Grounded
Capacity 6 Quarts 6 Quarts
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