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dual and variable speed floor machines

RPM Dual Speed

Designed for a dual purpose, these floor machines are a practical and economical approach when looking for the most versatile use of floor cleaning equipment. Scrub floors at the lower speed and spray buff floors at the higher speed with the flip of a switch or turn of a dial.

MTS-Dual Speed
The MTS operates at 190 RPM for scrubbing and 320 RPM for polishing or spray buffing. Flip the toggle switch located on the switch box to change brush speed.

MTSV-Variable Speed
The speed of the MTVS can be adjusted from 160 RPM to 320 RPM by simply turning the dial located on the motor canopy. This enables the operator to select the speed required for the floor maintenance task at hand.

  • Flexible Dual Triggers
    Designed for left or right hand operation, non-conductive with built-in saftey lock-out to prevent accidental startup.

  • Heavy Duty Switch
    Set in die cast aluminum switch box. Won't chip or rust.

  • All Steel Gear System
    Triple planetary, permanently, lubricated with specially designed flex coupler to guard against possible motor damage when under load.

  • 50 Ft Power Cord.
    Safety yellow, three wire grounded with water resistant jacket.

  • Steel Clamp Lever
    Adjusts handle position.

  • Aluminum Apron
    For added strength and rigidity, also shields the transport wheels to prevent damage.

  • Non-Marring Bumpers
    Prevents damage to walls and furniture.

  • Wheel Support System
    Extra heavy reinforced six point cast aluminum.

  • 4 Gallon Solution Tank
    (Optional) Dispenses liquid for scrubbing and polishing. (334898)

Specifications MTS-17E MTS-20E MTSV-17EMTSV-20E
Order No. 379727 379735 340022 335444
Brush Diameter 17" 20" 17" 20"
Motor 1.5 HP, 120V 1.5 HP, 120V 1.5 HP, 120V 1.5 HP, 120V
Motor Frame 66 66 66 66
Current 13 AMPS 13.5 AMPS 13 AMPS 13.5 AMPS
Gears 3 Idler 3 Idler 3 Idler 3 Idler
Brush Speed 190 or 320 RPM 190 or 320 RPM160 to 320 RPM160 to 320 RPM
Transport Wheels 5" 5" 5" 5"
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