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MSR-15E SurferŽ electric scrubber

MSR-15E SurferŽ Scrubber

Quick Release

Fold-up Design

Easy Fill Tank
Easy to use. the SurferŽ washes, scrubs and squeegees floors, leaving them clean and dry. Clean up to 6,000 square feet per hour.

  • Shared Solution/Recovery Tank
    Durable rotationally molded polyethylene tank is removable, with shared bladder system and drain port.

  • Controls conveniently located
    Separate ON/OFF switch that control the brushes and vacuum. Solution is dispensed with a trigger.

  • Forward/Reverse operation
    reducing labor, time and effort while providing more effective cleaning.

  • Two quick release brushes
    wash and scrub on most hard floor surfaces.

  • Two quick release squeegees
    with vacuum shoes, dries the entire cleaning path both in forward and reverse.

  • Telescoping handle
    molded of durable plastic, adjusts to operators height and folds for transport or storage.

Specifications MSR-15E
Order No. 408484
Scrub Path 13.5"
Vacuum Path 15.5"
Brush Motor 200 Watts
Brush Speed 200 RPM
Brush Pressure 22 Lbs
Tank Capacity 3.5 Gallon Solution / 4 Gallon Recovery
Vacuum Motor 850 Watts
Power Cord 25Ft, 3 Wire Grounded
Storage Dimensions 15" W x 22" L x 16" H
Brush Size (2) 6.5 Counter Rotating
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