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mwb 90 scrubber/edger


The MWB90 cleans in small and hard to reach areas. It operates in the horizontal and vertical position to clean edges, grout, baseboards, under furniture and into corners.

  • 3-Way Vertical Brush
    Operates left, right and center with lockable brush adjustments.

  • Independent Dual Triggers
    For left or right hand operations with protective shields to prevent accidental startup.

  • Cog Belt and Pulley System
    Positive non-slip drive system for long life.

  • Steel Handle
    Fully adjustable and stores in the upright position.

  • 25 Ft Power Cord
    Safety yellow, three wire grounded with water resistant jacket.

  • Vertical 8" Brush
    Includes a permanently mounted 6" cylindrical sectional brush, 3" polyester upper section and lower 3" Tynex section. The 2" removable bottom section is Tynex.

  • Non-Marring Bumpers
    Prevents damage to walls and furniture.

  • Flex Drive
    Turns the edger into a mini scrubber/buffer with a pad speed of 1075 RPM, accommodating a 6" diameter floor pad. This is perfect to buff or scrub hard floor surfaces in and around elevators, obstructions, and other small sreas.

Specifications MWB-90
Order No. 307262
Cleaning Path Up to 6"
Motor 1/4 HP, 120V
Current 1.63 AMPS
Watts 192
Brush Speed 1075 RPM
Transport Wheels 4" Non-Marking
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