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single motor upright vacuum w/HEPA Filter

Upright Vacuums

Durable and lightweight, this upright offers the advantages of commercial vacuums at an economical price. Designed to lay flat for easy vacuuming under furniture and equipped with on-board tools to clean in hard to reach areas. The QC-1415 Plus is excellent for use in hotels, schools, offices, restaurants and for many other applications.

  • DualOp Motor
    Clean air 10 AMP hi-performance motor that provides quality cleaning performance.

  • Triple Filtration System
    Includes totally enclosed microply® filter bag, foam exhaust guard filter and HEPA filter. Fine dust particles are captured and not exhausted back into the air.

  • 14" Edge-To-Edge Cleaning
    Equipped with a metal base plate and ball bearing metal brush roller with replacement brush strips.

  • Infinity Nozzle
    Self adjusting, adapts to carpet height automatically as you are cleaning.

  • Fail-Safe Air Relief Valve
    Protects the motor automatically from heat overload.

  • Quick Release System
    Allows for easy access to belt and brush roller. The belt is quick and simple to change with NO tools required.

  • Front Dust Cover
    Easy to remove for quick access
    to the filter bag.

  • On-Board Tools Includes
    Stretch Hose (1.5 to 8 Ft)
    Oval Dust Brush
    4" Plastic Crevice Tool
    19" Extension Wand

Specifications QC-1415 Plus
Order No. 421952
Vacuum Motor DualOp Clean Air 120V, 60Hz
CFM 120
Waterlift 80"
Current 10 AMPS
Brush Roller Metal, Ball Bearing
Brush Strips Replaceable
Drive System Flat Belt
Power Cord 50 Ft. 3 Wire Grounded, Safety Yellow
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