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DM-700B battery sweeper

Debris Master

The DebrisMaster 28 battery sweeper is perfect for vacuuming large carpeted or hard surface areas, removing debris and fine dust in one pass. Easy to operate, the compact size and maneuverability makes it ideal for cleaning in confined and congested areas as well as large areas.

  • Main Housing Cover
    It can be easily removed for brush adjustment, machine maintenance and access to the battery.

  • Main Brush
    Sweeps up dirt and debris in a straight line, while the side brush cleans up to edges and under baseboards. Both brushes are adjustable for maximum sweeping.

  • Low Voltage Cutoff System
    Monitors battery so it never runs down below 20%, protecting the sweeper and prolonging the battery life.

  • Two Hoppers
    Collect debris and lift off for easy emptying.

  • Electronic Filter Shaker
    Allows operator to clean the filter without removing it.

  • Automatic Charger
    With built-in plug on control panel, just plug in charger.

  • Carpet Upgrade Brush
    Brush upgrade for carpeted and hard surface floors.

  • Battery Requirement
    One 12V, 115AMP Battery (438278)
    *Not Included

Specifications DM-700B
Order No. 445746
Cleaning Path 28" w/Side Broom
Working Capacity 26,900 Sq Ft/Hr
Hopper Capacity 1.2 Cu Ft
Filter Electric Shaker
Filter Surface 13.5 Cu Ft
Power 120 Volt Motor, 28 AMP
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