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wide area upright vacuums

Upright Vacuums

Clean large open areas more efficiently with SV and SVG wide area vacuums. Easy to operate and maneuver, embedded dirt and debris are picked up and removed, leaving carpets clean and groomed, especially in large carpeted areas.

  • L-Shape/Low Profile
    Designed to clean around and under furniture with wrap around bumper to protect furniture and walls from damage.

  • Chevron Pattern Brush
    Four rows of bristles are designed for grooming. Dirt and debris are moved toward the center, while the "no-fling" brush barrier contains and directs the dirt and debris into an oversized vacuum inlet for maximum pickup.

  • Top-Fill Collection System
    Assures maximum performance and pickup, while the 3.5" inlet eliminates clogging at the intake.

  • Filter System
    Equipped of a heavy-duty dust retentive cloth outer filter bag and large 1.2 bushel disposable paper filter bag.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
    Welded steel chassis is mounted on a structural foam housing, provides added durability and strength; yet they are lightweight (under 75 lbs.) with excellent maneuverability.

  • Wheels and Casters
    Equipped with two 6" transport wheels and two 2" double wheel front casters.

  • Pile Height Adjustment
    Adjusts to five settings allowing for maximum cleaning efficiency.

  • Chrome Plated Steel Handle
    Folds for convenient storage and transport.

  • SVG Vac-N-Groom Models
    Equipped with a cog and three track
    V-belt drive system with a 2-to-1 ratio that increases torque and power that assists forward movement while enhancing the unit CFM.

Specifications SV-240 SVG-241 SV-280 SVG-281
Order No. 380318 317608 380326 317624
Vacuum Motor 5/8 HP, 120V 5/8 HP, 120V 5/8 HP, 120V 5/8 HP, 120V
CFM 200 200 200 200
Current 8.0 AMPS 8.0 AMPS 8.5 AMPS 8.5 AMPS
Cleaning Path 24" Wide 24" Wide 28" Wide 28" Wide
Brush Speed 3500 RPM 1650 RPM 3500 RPM 1650 RPM
Brush Size 3" Diameter 3" Diameter 3" Diameter 3" Diameter
Inlet 3.5" Diameter 3.5" Diameter 3.5" Diameter 3.5" Diameter
Power Cord 60 Ft, 16 Gauge/3 Wire60 Ft, 16 Gauge/3 Wire60 Ft, 16 Gauge/3 Wire60 Ft, 16 Gauge/3 Wire
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