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rebel® box extractors w/accessories

405 & 612 Extractors

Easy access
to motor and
pump compartment.

Nozzle with 2 Spray
Jets for even
distribution of solution.
These extractors are designed for commercial use to clean carpeted areas efficiently and thoroughly. Easy to maneuver with 2 front casters and 2 back wheels. Excellent for use in hotels, offices, and many similar applications.

  • Fiberglass Construction Tank
    Corrosion resistant and impervious to cleaning solutions.

  • Control Switch
    Conveniently located on the front of the extractor and sealed to protect against moisture.

  • Front Gate Valve
    Mounted high on the recovery tank for quick evacuation of dirty solution into a bucket or floor drain.

  • See-Thru Dome
    Allows for constant monitoring of the extractors cleaning effectiveness.

  • Hinged Tank
    Allows for easy access to the motor and pump compartment for repairs and maintenance, just release the two latches and lift up the tank.

  • Nozzle with 2 Spray Jets
    Distributes cleaning solution evenly to the carpet fibers. Dirt is flushed to the surface while the vacuum system removes the grimy solution simultaneously.

  • Optional Upholster Tool (213845)
    Cleans upholstery, stairs, and in hard to reach areas.

Specifications X-612 X-405
Order No. 217069 217530
Vacuum Motor 120V, Two 1.3 HP, 60 Hz 120V, 2 HP, 60 Hz
Current 15 AMPS 9 AMPS
Waterlift 165" 105"
Pump Pressure 150 PSI 60 PSI
Capacity 12 Gal Solution/Recovery 5 Gal Solution/Recovery
Power Cord 25 Ft, Safety Yellow 25 Ft, Safety Yellow
Includes 15 Ft Sol/Rec Hose 10 Ft Sol/Rec Hose
5 Ft Stainless Steel Wand 5 Ft Stainless Steel Wand
12" Nozzle w/2 Spray Jets 12" Nozzle w/2 Spray Jets
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